Isn’t this a bit too far?

I may not know much about the tort of defamation, but I suspect this innuendo is crossing the line.

We are not sure even when the previous relationship ended and when the new one started. While TR did not openly say it, they are casting aspersions left, right and center. I suspect innuendo is enough for a piece of information to be defamatory (can some legal eagles correct me if I am wrong).

I find this extremely disappointing, and if any political party actually supports TR, they are definitely not getting my vote. To support such a highly irresponsible site is to be a poor judge of character. I am glad that not all bloggers are quick to make up facts.

What I find more disappointing is the list of comments that are generally willing to indulge in this fantasy. These are my fellow voters and citizens who are so willing to latch on to untrue innuendos instead of making informed decisions. I just wish there were more well thought out pieces. I agree with Chemical Generation that there is just too much attribution bias going around the internet.

People are too willing to see that Ms Tin is 28 years old, and ignore that she has served in Holland-Bukit Timah for over 7 years at the grassroots level. That is more than some opposition candidates or parties combined have done (let’s be honest duckies, we all know who they are). I am sure the number of hours she has put in far outstrips most other candidates from all parties. People want to focus on who Ms Tin’s husband is, but forget that she started volunteering before her husband got to where he is. People cry nepotism, but remember that nepotism is the reward of position to one’s relatives. Her husband did not appoint her to a civil service position. Ms Tin was selected by a political party to stand for elections. For all we know, Ms Tin’s grassroots work was what helped her husband’s rise in the civil service.

I know we cannot get rid of attribution bias, but we have got to look carefully at what is being presented. I think it is very improper for TR to throw out innuendo that is not even fact. Their childish and irresponsible behaviour hurts the opposition cause as a whole and tars all opposition supporters in the same ugly stroke. I know many opposition supporters to be reasonable people, and I hope they start to condemn such awful and hideous behaviour.

I feel saddened indeed at the state of political discourse in some corners of our fair internet.


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